Saturday, September 1, 2007

You can stop starring now - its only a stroller

Ok, I try not to complain and rant on this blog, because it is not really productive, but I gotta tell you this one has been bugging me for forever and today I have had it.

The picture above is a stroller. Babies and toddlers ride in strollers. They are especially useful, when families with young children go on walks, to walking events, to outdoor festivals, to parks, to playgrounds, to airports and well anywhere frankly.

Now it is important to note, strollers have wheels - therefore they roll. Strollers do take up a fair amount of space and as with cars and driving, one should be careful to maintain assured clear distance. Not sure what assured clear distance is then I suggest you stroll over to this website to read more about it.

Stopping in the middle of hallways, doorways, walkways, sidewalks, streets, rooms or frankly anywhere to stare at the stroller and the person pushing it is not helpful. Stupid, but not helpful.

Furthermore, parents who are pushing strollers are not going out of their way to get in your way. They are not stopping the flow traffic on purpose, they are trying not to hit other people like you who for inexplicable reasons have chosen to stop and stare at them. They also are not starting a new sport which includes juggling the stroller, perhaps another child, two doors and maybe a bag to boot. All while you stand there and stare and make unintelligible noises, which are generally meant to convey your displeasure at having to wait. Now what you could do is help hold a door but where is the fun in that?

Do I sound a little irritated? Yes I do, because even as my stroller days are drawing to a close, but for the love of Mike, it is making me nuts. I am not the only one in the States with a stroller. Is it too much to ask for adults to be adults, walk in a neat lines and perhaps open a door from time to time. I am perfectly capable of doing it all myself, so if you are disinclined to help, could you keep your mouth shut and just wait patiently.

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IHateToast said...

go and clip their achilles!