Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mind Body Connection

It has been awhile since I have reflected on the mind body connection. I am still not eating alot of things, and have been at the encouragement of a friend experimenting and trying to add some new foods to my regimen. My menu is limited but in a good way I find for the most part. I certainly do not fall prey to any of these big time traps and I honestly have always likes fruits and veggies and rice. So it is all good.

For the last month or so, I have been feeling a bit out of whack. I feel fine in a general sense, but after learning to listen to my body I very much sense when something is wrong. My body tells me what it needs and it is my job to listen. My personal trainer is a huge fan and vocal advocate for watching for body language. He believes in our power to heal ourselves by being mindful, eating right and developing life long fitness goals.

My natural physician is the same. He believes in supporting our bodies and listening to our bodies. He likes to strive for balance and limit intervention.

So after listening to my body and deciding something was out of balance, I went to visit my doctor today and we talked and at first he was thinking we would just watch and see if my body decided to communicate in a more direct way. Then he did some scanning - which is more or less a conversation - some bio feedback if you will and decided that no my body was communicating clearly and now I am going to take some supplements to see if I cannot quietly support my body as it strives to heal and find balance again.

Ok so now I know most of you are running off screaming that I have lost my mind, but have I? I went to no less than 6 MDs when I was plagued with yeast infects, random rashes, fatigue, crazy upset stomachs and none of them could figure out what was bothering me. They could treat the symptoms with cream that cost an arm and leg and they could vaguely say maybe I was allergic to something and refer me to an allergist with a massive waiting list.

Thru some muscle testing, my homeopathic doctor isolated the foods I was sensitive too and in 2 weeks, I was feeling like a million dollars. Does that mean I think MDs are bad - not at all. My mom is seeing a top shelf endocrinologists who had drastically improved the quality of her life! They are managing her metastatic thyroid disease beautifully, not to mention her diabetes and high blood pressure.

When I have an infection - like ear or throat, I go see my wonderful MD, who does not get the homeopathic stuff but is happy with my commitment to my overall health and well being.

I think MDs are great - especially those who specialize in putting us back together. My goal however is head the big stuff off at the pass. My gene pool sucks frankly and therefore I am dedicated to being as healthy as I can be for as long as I can be. I would rather not in my 60s be visiting the top shelf and rather young endocrinologist! I would rather not be cultivating a relationship with a oncologist. It is a gamble, but not eating pizza is a gamble I am willing to take!

I am the mom who loved to run and play and climb with my kids. I am the mom who runs half marathons and bikes with an extra 100 pounds in the trailer. I am the mom who organizes fantastic outings. I am the mom who is mindful that what she eats impacts her and that her body will tell her exactly what it needs - if only she listens.

I am the woman who is investing in herself, striving for a long and active life, hoping to be strong and vibrant for years to come. The human body is a great invention, which we fail, I think, to give enough time and attention to.

Nutty Flax bars

Well they taste good, I will say that, but they are hard as a rock. I followed the recipe to the letter - so I think next time I am going to up the amount of almond butter and spread them out in a more shallow pan - but I have to say I might be onto something!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nutty Flax and Nutty Rice

I discovered Perky's Nutty Flax and Nutty Rice while standing in line at Whole Foods. The lady behind me had driven over an hour and had a cart full of the cereal. Now I have all but given up on cereal, since I cannot eat oats, wheat, corn and maybe barley (the jury is out.) So other than crispy rice and Honey and Rice Puffins - the choice is slim and well - I like to make my calories count and those choices are not all that nutritional dense. They also lack fiber!

Nutty Flax is packed with fiber and tastes good. The Nutty Rice has less fiber, but is crunchy and holds up to soy milk just fine. Very tasty with some fruit thrown in.

I just made the Nutty Flax cereal bars and while I have not tasted them yet - they look like an adult version of rice crispy treats and are healthy to book - raisins, almond butter and chocolate chips. I cannot wait to dive in!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green Mud Rocks

Well, I have to say, I like the results. The gray is gone, color is subtle and multi tonal. I still have the lingering herbal mud smell, but overall I am pleased with my first experience with Henna. It is supposed to last for a few month and gently fade away. So we shall see. My hair grows really really fast so, it may last a bit shorter time frame before I have to remud.

All in all it was worth the effort.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green Mud

Well that is what it looked like and well it smelled like a mixture of mud and herbs. I am talking about Henna. I decided to try and color my hair - code for hide the gray - using a natural product. I have been having it colored at my salon, and even though they use Aveda products, it is still chemicals and artificial and well, I am not sure I want to continue that process and well I know I am not ready to age gracefully - I am SO not that old yet.

So I went to LUSH and bought a brick of Henna. It looks like a big thick slightly greenish chocolate bar. I used half the bar, based on some research and the sales clerk's recommendations and well, first shot out of the gate I think less is more.

So I chopped, mixed with hot water and "cooked" the Henna over the hot water bath for a few minutes before heading to my towel covered bathroom sink to get started. Paintbrush and hair clips in hand, I started the process of painting it on my hair. Now I must say - I have more hair than the average girl, it is long and it is thick! It has much body and bulk. (I did recently have it trimmed and layered and that helped!) It took me a while, but I got the green mud painted on and then I wrapped my head in saran wrap, a shower cap and then a heated towel.

Then I went to work. Cleaned up the mess, cleaned up the kitchen and wrote 2 articles, all in the hour and 45 minutes I needed to leave the stuff on. I could have left it on for up to three hours - but again - first shot out of the gate - baby steps seemed prudent. (Not to mention it took me forever to get it rinsed out of my hair.)

So far so good. My hair is not screaming red - not yet. I guess it continues to work its magic for a few hours to days after it the Henna is washed out. The green mud smell is lingering, which is fine, it is not unpleasant just strange.

I will keep you updated!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

His little voice

L is our DIVA, she sings all the time about everything. She makes up her own songs and sings those children standards. E seldom sings. At three L was singing all the time - I would say from age 18 months onward - she has embraced her DIVA nature.

So when this song came on the radio yesterday, I was surprised when I heard someone's little voice, single along with this song - "I can ride my bike with no Handle Bars. Look at me, Look at me." He was on tempo and everything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here I am

I have not been blogging as much as I used to- since I am busy writing and getting paid. The most recent edition of Columbus Living is out and it looks oh so spiffy. Check it out. I do like writing for them and while getting paid to write is huge, talking with so many inspiring and committed business owners is so exciting.

Much is made of small business owners - especially during an election year. I however have more experience and exposure to corporations - from my time with Firm X. I think it is so energizing to hear about a small business owner's vision and drive. The same is true for the locally owned smaller corporations.

I think there is something infectious about passion. That energizing force that pushes some people forward. There is a special inner drive, which sets them apart. I think it is part vision, part means, part opportunity and part desire. Mixed in is confidence and inspiration and a can do spirit.

So I am going the same direction - I am in the process of getting mu website up and running. A friend took some pictures of me - for my surprise - which I promise to unveil soon and for my website! I have a To-DO and I am working on it bit by bit!

Baby step and bit by bit I a building a busy which I enjoy and is at a pace that suits me and the little people and a job that feeds my soul verses stealing it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

YouBar Yummy in my Tummy!

I have grown a bit tired of the Lar Bars and decided to give these guys a try! In the easy grab and go granola bars arena it is hard to find a tasty DAIRY, OAT, WHEAT, CORN free choice. With YouBars, You can design your own bar and they will mail a box to you. It was easy - their website walks you through the process and offers recommendations and suggestions. The ingredients are well described, so I was not left guessing whether I could eat the stuff or not.

I did a combo of almond butter, chocolate, cherries, coconut and almonds. Yum! H even liked it ! I think I am going to re-order.

You can pay via paypal which is nice and they shipped them to me via USPS priority mail.

So it was a yummy treat today and I plan to try one again tomorrow.

Another Bonus - You get to name your bar. I called mine Coconut for Cherries.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I decided becasue...

I have been thinking recently about how I make choices. Most people would say I am deceive and I can be. Easy stuff is easy. Chicken on sale - great we are having that for dinner. Done! I can get dressed in five minutes - generally able to decide very fast what I am going to wear. Done.

The bigger choices are really harder for me. I have many times made a choice by deciding what I did not want. I call this the ruling things out method. I rather settled on my major and college that way. I knew I did not want to spend my life in a windowless lab - so chemistry and biological sciences were out. I am good at math but did not want to mess with no real numbers or the 4th dimension or whatever. So then I began working through the subjects I liked and narrowed it down from there. For instance, I like children but a room full of them scare the bejeezes out of me - so teaching was out. Maybe high school I always thought, but then decided a room full of attitude would make me nuts, so I ruled it out.

I have used this method of decision making on and off for years. I am not sure it is the best method.

I also have felt over the years I have had to defend or justify my reasons for deciding something. In some circumstances that is reasonable - in others not so much. In professional situations I can see the value of outline the decision making process or offering supportive arguments to back up a given course of action. Otherwise I think it is ok to just decide and move forward. I am not good at that. I worry about criticism or I worry about what people will think and well I worry.

I am committing to myself that I am going to try and break this habit. I can want what I want and I am old enough to decide what I am going to go for or after and it is my choice and I am am just going to go for it. I need not defend those choices or justify them or rationalize. I am a smart, sane woman. I am a thinker. I will make the right choice for me and what others think is not an issue. What I think is important.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Parental Responsibility and not Censorship a Jolly Good Combo

I think I have made my views on censorship pretty clear on the Edge! I am 100% for freedom of speech and freedom of expression and ergo free thinking! Have been since I could talk according to my mother.

Want to know another secret about Susan? I am 100% for parental responsibility. You had them, You raise them - but you do so in the legal frame work of the country you live in and you do so without encroaching on my liberty or my right to do the same.

So I am handing out a huge Kudos to Dublin City School. They were asked to remove the book And Tango Makes Three from a school library. The book is award winning and deals with gay themes - Tango has 2 dads - Tango is also a penguin. The school board affirmed the superintendent's recommendation to keep the book on first amendment grounds. As they well should. The law is clear and the first amendment is clear also. Thank you for having some backbone! (the news story is here.)

I will also say that while I do not share the parent in questions viewpoints on the matter - I will say good show for at least standing up for what you believe in - misguided though it maybe. Better the parents be tuned in that not plugged in at all.

Why do I disagree with his assertion that the book deals with issues better left to another forum. Well what is the right forum - pray tell. Where does it end? We live in a diverse and multi-cultural society. Spanish is fast becoming the official language of the service industry - at least the blue collar service industry. Hinduism is religion of many gods and goddesses, and it is going to be part of the conversation our kids are having with their peers very soon. Walking through the mall and children see a vastly different landscape than I saw growing up in small town Ohio.

As parents it is OUR job to teach our children the values we want them to have and ultimately it will one day be their job to decide for themselves what to accept and what to reject. The best way to accomplish this is by having books and conversation starters available.

If parents really want to explain their views on nontraditional families - here is a golden opportunity. Take ownership of the situation and actually speak to your children about the topics YOU think matter. That is the responsible thing to do. Seeking to deny or limit my children's right to experience and read about the world around them- is the wrong thing to do.