Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stiletto Woman

Stiletto Woman is a magazine for women by women and this month - pinch me - I am a featured contributor. I wrote an essay about my journey to complete my MBA! It was a long ten year journey complete with stops and starts, but in the end, I stuck to it and I did it. I graduated in February with an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

The program was writing intensive (evil grin) and I wrote on average a paper a week, about 1000-1500 and had to do weekly posts on specific topics.

In the end I am so proud of my accomplishment and I am doubly proud and honored to be featured in this great publication.

My message to women out there is - You can DO IT. You can, there is a way.

Alittle bit about this issue:

Stiletto Woman Magazine (Education Issue) is now released! Susan Porter is our cover feature. She has a great story of perseverance. Dr. Mary Gatta, a Rutgers University faculty member, shares her expertise on women and education; Alyssa Trimble, once a teen mom is now a doctoral candidate, tackles the myths of motherho...od. We interviewed Kellie Greene, a rape survivor who's changing the lives of others!

For more information on Stiletto Woman and this special education issue, visit their Facebook page or the Stiletto Woman web page.

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