Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Monday: Happy Valentine's Day

I have said in many venues before and probably on this blog as well, that most writers have a central theme, some question that keeps them up at night, which they will spend their entire career trying to understand, they are doggedly determined to sufficiently answer this question.

I have one or two such central themes or questions which drive my writing. I would argue the Anita Shreve, is a writer in our time who exemplifies this desire. Her books have widely different settings, but if you take a step back, she is still struggling with a central question. I don't think she has answered it yet.

I think Dave Matthews likewise has a strong and pervasive theme running through his music. He is interested in the nature of love and not just the hearts and flowers parts of love, the syrupy pop song parts of love. Love can turn as ugly as it is beautiful. Is it any wonder that songs he wrote in the late 90s still resonate with us today. He has toured non-stop.

So today I wish you all much love and laughter and remind you that sometimes it really is about the space in between.

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