Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pizza could kill me...

Well not really but S thinks I should have a T-shirt made that states just that. Pizza could in fact send me running to the bathroom for an extended period of time or make me feel like I wish I were dead. (which frankly I did not know how bad I felt - until 5 months ago and now I know I did in fact feel ultra crappy - compared to now - where I feel like I could take on the world!) It could also give me a rash.....

No this post is some free marketing for my new favorite treat! Trust me there is not alot to pick from when one is maintaining a dairy-free, wheat-free, rye-free, and corn free diet.

But boy have I found something that is as satisfying as say a big slice of cake or pie.

Vosges - Haut-Chocolat - Exotic Candy bars. Yummy! They come in all sorts of flavor combinations. The chocolate is rich and smooth and the dark ones are not bitter. I have personally fallen in love with the Red Fire Bar and Creole. I have only tried the dark varieties as they tend to be dairy free.

Now I must say that they are not cheap - so do not get all hot and bothered when you look for them at your local market - but seriously - they are worth the investment. I mean a little bit goes a long way!

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