Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Victoria - I have a secret for ya!

So I went shopping last week, alone! A rare event. i had a $10 coupon for Victoria's in my purse. I like their Intimisme line and I had poked around online, a pre-shop if you will. What many of you do not know is I LOVE LINGERIE. I seldom have on unmatched bra and panties. When they are not a set, they go together and look put together. After 5 years out of the game (nursing bras are not sexy really.... although the grippers - well I digress...) and I am slowly building back up my collection.

Being in a single digit dress size and having a very nice set - still perky - post baby 36Cs - one would think I could just walk into VICS and go to town. Yeah - not so much... this is the second time in less than 6 months that I have gone to Vics and left empty handed and left feeling decidedly FAT, unsexy, disappointed and frankly irritated. I eat next to nothing fun and exciting and I run a fair amount and I CANNOT WEAR ANYTHING there.... on a consistent basis.

It is either too tight, sized wrong, cut badly and just generally in my opinion of poor quality. The bras do not hug the girls correctly and the very sexy bustier - yeah well in my size and the size up I looked like a stuffed sausage. (my waist might I say is the smallest part of my body - how is this possible??)

I have just gotten used to the new post baby - post marathon - wheat, corn, dairy, soy free body! While I have always been curvy - I am now thinner and curve. I say no to all kinds of foods - so the weight has come off and I am happy. I was happy before - but I am REALLY happy now.

But what I fail to get is how then can I wear nothing at Vic's. Who are they designing for? The entire point of matching bras and panties and bustiers and garters and sexy nighties - is - I should think - to be visually pleasing to ones partner(s) and to make the person wearing it feel like a million bucks. I am willing to spend money on good lingerie - I have the Felina and Jezebel to prove it.

So why is it then Vicki - that the nicest and best fitting stuff I have bought of late has been at Target or HM? Why is it that you are designing stuff that only fits a certain body type - Twiggy??? Instead of creating bras which only created the illusion of curves under clothing - let's create some that flatter those of US who already have the curves. Let's have 36 C's which fit a 36 C - in Felina I am a 36 C! I am willing to entertain a 38B - which is sometimes what I wear at Target. In this the bigger the better - right?

I so would have bought that blue buster and matching panties and matching wrap and garters and well stockings too - to the tune of $130 to $200 if I had looked sexy. Instead I looked like a meatball. Then I went to Target and bought another matching set - on sale for $4.85 and $2.87 receptively. I felt sexy in it.

I know some women would have bought it anyway - but here is the secret. They would buy it and they would put it in a draw and not wear it and that is sad. Lingerie should make a woman feel sexy and powerful and HAPPY. I guarantee you that a sexy, HAPPY, empowered woman will be back year after year - and is not that the image they ought to be pursing? A set of hot panties and and flattering bra put a special smile on my face and I have to think I am not alone!

I know as a feminist - we are taught that being sexy and dressing sexy is somehow wrong. But I say it is about our power and empowerment. There is great joy and power to be found in feeling and looking our best - regardless of size. If the lingerie is made right - it is about showing off the assets and unleashing the inner Goddess.

I am not sure what the house of PINK is up to - but making clothing that makes me feel sexy must not be on their radar.

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