Saturday, December 6, 2008

White flakes from hell

Yep that is my general feeling about snow. I hate it. Snow has no redeeming value. So guess what. We have about 2 inches of the stuff.

Wanna guess where is H???


No H is snowed in, in Chi-town in a 3 star hotel, enjoying a hot breakfast, a hot tub, a sauna and a pool. He is studying and on call. He is blissfully alone and surrounded by quiet. Not cooped up in a house with 2 cabin fever ridden children.

What did I do?

I schlepped two kids to the store and back, got gas, and took L to a party. If that were not enough, I shoveled it off the driveway!

How is it that H, who likes snows, always seems to not be here for the chores which come along with it.......

Where is the cosmic fairness in that?

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