Sunday, July 12, 2009

Courageous Lioness...

I am deeply moved with how brave L has been, she handled Friday with no crying and no fussing. She bravely marched into the surgery center, let me change her clothes and asked questions of the doctors. She understands she will feel better now, once the tonsils are gone.

When she was in recovery, she threw up, but did not cry, just let me clean her up and then insisted when we got home, she was having a bath, with a LUSH bath bomb. She got agitated at one point, right after they gave her something to calm her tummy, and informed me, that having her tonsils out had been a bad idea and she WAS not going to do it ever again. Then she fell asleep and woke up her normal perky and happy self.

Yesterday she was tired and not eating much, but has been very cheerful and helpful, she helped me fold laundry, and I did not ask her, she just volunteered.

So much fierceness and courage in that 6 year old.

Last night she visited with my mom and ate a fair number of BBQ Kettle Chips and some cookies and drank a huge amount of water and juice.

This morning she tried cereal and ate half and went with me to Kroger. She and I are going to bake and watch tv. Maybe a trip to the library this afternoon. She is staying close and has slept with me the past two nights.

But she has tackled this procedure like everything, head on and with determination and no complaints. She is a lioness...

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