Sunday, November 29, 2009

Better with Almond Milk

I have been eating Chia Goodness on and off for a bit. Honestly the choices are out there, if you get your stomach to think outside the box. Seeing as Whole Foods has this item on sale, says to me that they will not be carrying it much longer, at my local store. Story of my life.

I have to say that you can eat this hot or cold and cold is better, with almond milk and not water. The water seems to make the seeds more slimy than the milk alternatives. It is an odd mixture and raw, but it seems to hit the spot and it has all the good stuff one would want at breakfast. like vitamins, fat and protein. I wonder what juice would do. Some apple juice or something might be yummy too, but it adds a fair amount of sugar.

I like the cranberry ginger a good bit. That said I do not eat it day in and day out and it seems to hold in the pantry very very well.

To learn more visit their website.

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