Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chocolate Biscotti

I found a box of Simply Organics Chocolate Biscotti mix while shopping the week before Christmas. It had vegan directions, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Hey it would be a cookie I could eat for Christmas.

Instead of eggs, you use ground flax seeds, some water and some oil.

Well they turned out so-so. As I cataloged on Twitter.

I think they needed more oil and more chocolate flavor. Maybe using some espresso would have helped. Dunking them in melted dark chocolate helped a bit, but overall, it was not as I had hoped.

L spit hers in a napkin and my bother said he had never tasted anything chocolate with less taste. H said they were ok, but I think he honestly was trying to be nice to me.

I will admit I have been whiny about my food issues over the last few weeks. He felt bad and was trying to host his own little pep rally. I also noticed he did not eat any more after the big show of really enjoying one.

So I say give them a try - I have to think the version with eggs would be better, in some fashion. Simply organics makes an entire line of gluten free baking mixes and many have vegan directions. I am glad I tried it, I am in no hurry to try them again.

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