Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am just going to come out and say it. In my world, EGGS, DAIRY PRODUCTS, GLUTEN (which can be found in wheat, oats, barley, and rye), and CORN are perceived by my body to be poison. Flat out. Place a slice of wheat bread on the table and some rat poison and my body thinks it is the same thing, to a varying degree.

Same with people with nut and peanut allergies.


Just as with rat poison, a little bit will make sick and alot could kill you. Same with those of us with food allergies, a little but of the poison will make us sick, a little more will make us very sick, and alot of it will make us wish we were DEAD.

This story is horrifying. For everyone who knows and loves me and has shared a meal with me or been gracious enough to invite me to their homes knows, eating with me is a challenge. I am hyper vigilante. I have been sick enough times to know that it will be horrible, painful, and unpleasant for weeks to come.

At a meeting recently, someone made some very yummy gluten free vegan food thinking of me. I did not eat it, I could not verify the ingredients and while it was well intentioned, the memories of the last time I was poisoned are still fresh in my mind.

People with food allergies are not being difficult. Honestly I would love nothing more than to be sitting in bed with H, devouring a plate of yummy - real Belgian waffles, made with wheat flour, eggs and real cream or to be able to wake up and head out the a greasy spoon with the love of my life and eat a great stick to your ribs breakfast. I miss being able to enjoy those moments with H. Thanks to the last time I was poisoned, I can't even enjoy coffee, while watching him eat that stick to your ribs breakfast.

What the man did in this story is not better than slipping rat poison into someone's meal at the local McDonalds. It should be criminal. If it is not gluten free - do not label it as such.

Or maybe we can take the gentleman and offer him some great muffins laced with exlax or poison and see how much he enjoys the lasting and lingering effects of a little some surprising in his breakfast.

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