Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I wore Yoga pants...

to Yoga yesterday. Imagine that. Then after Yoga, I changed into chic jeans and a top and went to lunch with E. I rocked those Yoga pants and I rocked the jeans if the smile on a young fellows face is a good barometer of my rockabilly.

I started a bit of a debate on my Facebook page posting about why I think Yoga pants are only for Yoga. Hot moms in Yoga pants sipping latte's as visually appealing as it might be, I think the moms would be just as hot in well fitting pants or jeans. A skirt anyone???

For me it is one part fashion and one part being appropriate. Yoga pants have the title of a sport in them for a reason. Would you wear jeans to Yoga, I think not. (We are so not going to get on the topic of jeggings, that as a concept gives me a headache.)

I think what set me off was my neighbors assertion that she did not have time to look chic in the morning, when my efforts took less than 5 minutes all in. It takes no more time to pull on chic jeans and a blouse than it does to pull on Yoga pants and a tattered T-shirt. My neighbor had on more make up than I did and she had spent way more time on her hair. So really - don't diss me for looking sharp and put together. (If I had done more make up than lip gloss, it might have taken me 10 minutes)

I am not vain, but I do care.

My mother offered me some advice on my wedding day and I think it was some of the best. Remember the woman he asked to married him. Taking care of ones appearance, is not all about vanity. It is about being loving to yourself. It is about honoring your partner and yourself. It is about having a personal sense of style and branding yourself. It is about being appropriate and respecting others. We sadly as a culture have lost site of this. We no longer take the time to honor ourselves and others.

My outfit the other morning was the result of some strategic shopping and some thought about my wardrobe. It is about wanting to look confident, put together and appropriate.

It is also not about spending alot of money. In fact, one could be super chic at Target. It is about knowing your body, picking a sense of style and working it. The beauty of the what not to wear franchise is it works. Take some time and get a proper bra fitting, it matters. Take some time to figure out what styles flatter your body. Trust me, certain pants on me, not flattering... Figure out how to work your assets. It will put a smile on your face.

I am just saying... Yoga pants are for Yoga, chic jeans are for running errands and knowing the difference is priceless. In my opinion. Heck I love summer - a cute dress - takes like 2 minutes all in, cute flats and flip flops 30 seconds.


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