Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yes I know, I have not been around much. I have been laid up with a sinus infection, prepping for and then taking a trip to Cancun. Then back home for a fantastic 4th of July holiday weekend.

Whew. I am currently sitting on the love seat in my home office, in my pjs, recovering from the whirlwind of fun.

So Cancun, you say? Yes Cancun. My very dear friend JS got married to a very nice man we will call EM. I have met him once before, took the time to explain to him that the first man she married, who cheated on her and then got angry when she found out, yes him, well I have a very heavy American made SUV and I know how to use it, let's just say. I was willing and I am only 6 hours away.

No really, he, EM is nice guy and he makes JS very happy and she makes him happy and I think they are very happy together. I was very pleased to be there with them as they celebrate love, commitment and flirted with a tropical storm.

I have schlepped all over central and northern Europe. More than once. Actually 5 times I think. I have been to Canada at least 3 times. All over the US and I have tackled NYC more than once by myself, with some directions and suggestions scratched out on a piece of paper by my other dear college friend SS.

I was over the moon worried about Mexico. I posted this to Facebook:

Is wishing JS and EM, were getting married in an English speaking country... I am ridiculously hung up on the fact that I speak German and understand a passable amount of French and am going to a place I just don't speak the language. I need to get over this, cuz I wouldn't miss this for the world, but still...

This was the kicker for me. I have not, in a very long time, traveled somewhere, where I cannot speak the language. My German is still pretty fluent and my French will succeed in finding me the WC, a roast beef sandwich and the police. It might get me kissed too...

My only other trip to the Caribbean, was to the Bahamas, where English is the official language.

It also did not help, everyone and their Uncle took this opportunity to tell me their, "Oh I went to Mexico once..." story, which always had a bad ending or involved vomit or stolen property.

I am pleased to report. We had a fantastic time, Tropical Storm Alex notwithstanding. We traveled there without a hitch really. We had one airline induced issue - which will be addressed in a separate post.

The kids and I made it solo. They were troopers. Tired little soldiers when we arrived in hot and humid and rain soaked Cancun, but troopers nonetheless.

All the horrible stories about customs and transport in Cancun, all wrong. We met our driver, waiting for a reasonable amount of time. Arrived at our hotel, were treated like guests. Drinks while we waiting to check in.

Our room was amazing. Ocean view, marble everywhere. A jacuzzi in the room as big as the bed. Two double beds, a shower bigger than a generous walk in closet. Since it was all inclusive, we had a fantastic, stress free room service meals.

The pools at the Moon Palace were fantastic and the kids swam and swam, despite the less than perfect weather. The wedding was lovely, very sweet and the wind did not hamper the beach feel, even though it was moved out of the sand and into a beautiful glassed in gazebo.

While I saw nothing of Cancun but the resort, I would totally go back. I found the people to be friendly and welcoming.

The check in at the airport, was organized and frankly more hospitable than what one gets in the US.

Now as I relax, becasue lets face it, traveling with little people, even to relaxing all inclusive resorts solo, is not relaxing exactly. A nice change of pace, but not exactly relaxing the way I am now, in my pjs, writing uninterrupted, the cool breeze of a ceiling fan mussing my hair.

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