Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Fireworks

This year was E's first ever fireworks. E is an early to bed kind of guy for the most part, so we have never tried to fight that particularly. This year though, E wanted to go to the fireworks and H was out of town in NYC, so if L and I were going, E really had to tag along.

My dear friend K came with us. We got to the normal spot, in what L calls the "fireworks park" and waited, while L and E played on the playground.

The show was wonderful. Lots of variety.

E sat on my lap, with a self described "scared face" but he did not cry and I think he really did like the show, but could live without the booms. He said it was like super scary thunder.

I figured this would mean, next year he would pass. Then the other day he announced.

"Mom, when I grow up, I am going to be the fireworks guy. You can come watch me if you want."

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