Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flowers in the Yarden

Yes, you read that right, I am still getting flowers in the yarden. I am as shocked as you, but my Dahlias are going strong. I planted these bulbs on a whim. I bought glads and dahlias bulbs in the spring at the Andersons. I thought, why not. I put the Diahials in a spot in the front side yard, where NOTHING grows. I have tried on and off for 9 years to get something to grow in this spot.

In July when nothing has sprouted, I decided I have been thwarted again. Then in late August we had greenery and then in September we had blooms.

First these two

and then a few smaller ones and I thought, well that will be that.

I was wrong. We have a fresh crop of buds and some opening. After all this rain and then a few days of sun, I picked these three today. Decided to bring some color into the house.

I am very excited for one bud to hurry up and open as it looks orange and yellow and just perfect for fall.

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