Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday: Jean Elan - Where's Your Head At

Now picture my Little Diva, in my bed room aka the house ballroom and dance studio, with a purple plastic trick or treat jack o lantern dancing. Yep that is what most days are like around here.

She is dancing and planning and organizing her own Halloween show! I suggested jokingly about a week ago, she should do her best Ichabod Crane and this song and the trick or treat buckets would be a great prop.

All I can say is be careful what you suggest!

This past week has been a challenging one and my Little Diva made a very adult decision to still dance with the Youth Company at her dance school in the annual Halloween Spooktacular! Having made that choice, she danced her heart out and I couldn't be prouder of her. This week she will perform at the annual trick or treat alternative event at the recreation center and tomorrow she misses school, to go perform in a few inner city schools and a nursing home. Her Youth Company brings dance and Halloween Cheer to those who might not otherwise experience it.

The arts do matter. They enrich our communities and just as communities are better for the support of the arts, I think artists, when they give back or pay it forward, they make our communities so much better.

So I have no doubts where Little Diva's heart or head is at...

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