Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Monday: Passion Pit Sleepyhead

Passion Pit-- Sleepyhead

I know-- I have been MIA. We left for vaca E having been sick and on an antibiotic, which I traveled with and the TSA ignored. L and I were sick, but not sick enough not to travel. We had a relaxed vacation and came home feeling better, only to be home a day and feel horrible again. L ended up with an ear infection/sinus infection and I ended up with a sinus infections.

School started and I spent the first two days of back to school semi-comatose on the sofa. Thank goodness H was home or I am not convinced the kids would have made it to school on time either day.

As we entered Labor Day weekend, I was worn out after a very busy end of the week. I am a sleepyhead. I always feel chronically short on sleep. I could really use between 8-10 hours a sleep a day. Not that I ever really get that. I always tell myself I am going to take a nap, but that never really happens either. I always feel like the time I could spend napping would be better used cleaning or cooking or somehow doing something while the kids are away.

I got a great night sleep on Saturday night, but that in no way made up for the collective short fall of the week or for the huge amount of activity on Saturday and Sunday.

I think I am just one of those people who requires a lot of sleep. I also think my pernicious anemia has a good bit to do with it as well. I am more tired about the time I need another B12 injection.

On a related note I know Passion Pit is coming to town. I think I would enjoy that show, but I swear waiting to take the stage until 9 pm or later is almost too late for me. I am such a sleepyhead, especially on a school night.

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