Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Monday: Beach Boys & Black Keys

I do not really like the Beach Boys, but my mother did. In the next ten days I am going be very busy. A trip with the kids to visit my sister in FLA, while H stays home. Then a weekend away for some last of summer R & R. Then school starts. Whew a whirlwind!

What I want to know is why are their pants so tight? And seriously, how much did they pay those girls to scream like that... so weird.

Those shirts are scary in black and white...

Now I have to say-- the Black Keys, those guys I like... perhaps it is generational. I seriously doubt my mother would like the Black Keys... in any event as I write this the night before I leave town, after battling through a week full of ear infections (E), fever, headache and chills (L & I), and general mayhem-- I am very much looking forward to seeing my sister, relaxing on the beach and getting some real time with her. It has been too long! I need ocean, sand, sun, and my sister!

And to be fair-- these guys aren't wining any groovy dresser awards either...

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