Thursday, November 8, 2007

He is not a baby any longer....

It hit me last night at dinner. E is no longer a baby - actually he is no longer a toddler. At a week or so shy of 2.5 years - he is a little boy - or as he likes to say "I little dude!"

E is our last - we will not be having any more. I do not see babies and wish for more - I see hours of sleepless nights and endless hours of nursing. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed both of them as babies - I enjoyed the bonding that nursing brings - but I do not long to do it again.

If asked to describe me, I doubt my friends would pick sentimental as one of the adjectives. I did not cry on L's first day of school, first haircuts or otherwise. I am genuinely happy to see them grow and develop. Each stage is new and exciting.

I will however say that there are moments - like today at lunch when E said "you eat yourself and I eat myself - L." It was too funny really.

Real conversation and total awareness of self - equal the demise of babyhood!

I am not sorry so much that we are there - but a part of me thought for a minute - wow that part of my life is really over.


IHateToast said...


you sure?

Susan said...

I know it is hard to believe - but my babies are 5 and 2.5! Time flys by.

If you ask E how old he is sometimes he will say - "I five" and sometimes he will tell you "I two"

Today I asked him if was a baby or a little dude - and he said " I baby! I little dude!" and he is right - even when he has his own babies - he will forever be my baby!