Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let me tell you what I really think....

I pulled this question from another website I hang out on....

Polling groups like to track the approval rating of politicians. What's your approval rating for President George W. Bush?

Well I would like to quote one of my favorite children's book author's (Kevin Henkes) Lilly Mouse - Lilly is telling a story about her baby brother - but it fits for GW also!

She says.....

"Once upon a time there was a baby. His name was Julius. Julius was really germ. Julius was like dust under your bed. If he were a number, he would zero. If he were a food, he would a raisin. Zero is nothing. A raisin tastes like dirt."

This earned Lilly a a sit on the thinking chair.

I say the following.....

"Once upon a time there was a really crappy President. His name was GW. GW was really a germ. GW was like dust under your bed. If he were a number, he would be less than zero. If he were a food, he would be SOS! Less than zero is a completely useless quantity. SOS tastes just like its name implies."

This thinking in the US will not land me in jail - in China - trip to the firing squad. In this country I can take my opinion to the polls in November 2008! Man, do I really have to wait that long.

Freedom of speech and a free press rocks! One of the many reasons I like to write - BECAUSE I CAN! I think that there is a place for all sorts of written works - I think that the freedom of speech is one of our greatest freedoms in this country. Censorship is a slippery slop. Who gets to decided what is ok and what is not. Well I think in a free country - we all decide for ourselves. If you do not like something - then do not read it! Like this blog for instance! No one is making you read it (boy am I glad you do - but you do not have to!)


IHateToast said...

we just voted out john howard. the bonzai little bush. 11 years. no term limits here.

maybe there's a shift in the air.

i didn't vote. not a dual citizen yet. next time.

and 2008 can't happen fast enough.

Susan said...

I know the sands of time cannot move fast enough for this one! I mean seriously - this is the best we could come up with - Yikes!