Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer?

A few weeks ago, the beginning of the school year spelled the end of summer. No more lazy evenings, lingering over dinner. No more unsettled days, ungoverned by the calendar.

Today, Labor Day, is often seen as the last day of summer. One last chance to go to the lake house, out on the boat, to the summer cabin in the wood or to the local community pool.

The official end of summer is September 20/21 with the Autumnal Equinox. By then in some parts of the country it will be well and truly cool and perhaps frosty.

This summer has been different than most. My birthday in peak summer, was cool and unseasonably pleasant. My cake did not melt. L's birthday was likewise cool and pleasant. I do not recall as pleasant a birthday since my summer spent in Germany.

In reality thought, I do not think seasons end exactly, I think they gradual fade. Flowing like water into the next season. I think they linger and morph, effortlessly one into the other. Easing back and surging forward. Whispers of what is to come and echos of what has been laid to rest.

Just as the tide comes and returns out, so do the seasons change.

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