Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gut Check

I had a great work out yesterday. I am back to the weight and percentage of body fat I had before I glutened myself at Easter. It has been a long battle back and has meant even more dietary changes and the addition of some probiotics and other supplements to balance my gut out.

I have had to give up eggs and coffee (for the most part) in addition to the long list of other don'ts. That said I feel better and the few times over the summer I willfully ate eggs, I felt like a MAC truck hit me, so needless to say, lesson learned, eggs are out.

My trainer wants me to think about seeing a holistic physician he has been talking with. I think, as much to test her as for my benefit. I told him I had no problem, giving her a spin, as my family doctor has very little to say on the matter, other than I am healthy. Well ok I am healthy, but when someone comes to you, somewhat suffering from self induced "food poisoning" the last thing they want to hear is that they are healthy.

I felt really strong yesterday and had a really solid workout. I have no doubt that these muscle testing test are accurate, because when I am not at my best, my upper body work out is for the birds, but now that I have detoxed and am feeling better, I could bench the bar for 3 sets of 15 and not almost kill myself.

I hope now I have found a balance and can continue to grow and build on my strength.

I have ruled out running any long distances, I just cannot eat enough to cover those additional calorie needs.

I have basically adopted a vegan diet with meat a few times a week. My gut seems most happy with that approach.

So it is Yoga, spinning and lifting.

For now.

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