Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Literally, I am lighter. By nearly 9 pounds since before Christmas. I am at my lowest amount of body fat since I was training for the half marathon. All of the inflammation from last years gluten ingestion is gone. My clothes are fitting great if not a bit large.

In addition to losing the weight, bloat and swelling, I am feeling better. My digestion is better, not perfect but better. At the holidays my gut was in overdrive, stress does that to me, but now I am settled and feeling more zen. Physically I have been tried, but I feel better.

I should see my new doctor in a few weeks. She just got the reports back from all the blood work.

I wish I could say I have done something special to have reached this new lightness, but I haven't. I have been eating more fruit and more herbal tea. I am as always very vigilant about my diet. I know all the hidden sources of no-no's.

Now this has a downside, I know, what could that be? The downside is what happened during my training for the half mara. I simply could not eat enough and the weight loss just keeps going. My body fat is at its lowest, bot my physical weight. I have seriously cut back on exercise at the suggestion of my new doctor. She said my body had no chance of healing, if I kept using all the calories up. She said I needed to be gentle to my body, both with what I nourish it with and how I care for it in general.

Recently I have rededicated myself to yoga. Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. I want to start spinning again, and I plan to try next week. Just to see if I can stay in this healthy place and still enjoy the rush of a good spin. I think I am done running. It is too hard on my body. If I can get the same high spinning, I am all for it. Easier on the joints.

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