Monday, May 24, 2010

Cooking Up a Storm

So first off, I want to introduce myself - Hi, I am Susan and I have been long absent. Whew, I feel better. Between school, which ended in February and H moving to NYC for work in March, I have just not been blogging much. I know I breeze by somewhat infrequently, posting something about what I have been reading or some such.

A writer writes, this is for certain and I am writing, but as I have expanded my writing skills, I find I am writing in a vast number of places these days. Where I once mainly wrote here and one other place, I am now covering a wider swatch of the World Wide Web.

I am also on Twitter. After a year, I can totally see why those who love Twitter, really love Twitter. If done correctly, it is an online community. Which brings me to the point of this post. I tried a new recipe this evening, making a number of adaptations for my dietary needs and I discovered it here, and I discovered @TheSpicedLife, via Twitter, through a friend who bakes fantastic cookies, through his online friendship with @TheSpicedLife's sister.

I digressed and fair warning I am going to do it again.

I like Indian Food. More importantly, Indian Food likes me. Much of it is vegetarian, nutrient rich and delightfully spiced. All good, when one is avoiding wheat, corn, dairy, eggs and large amounts of soy. Good for me, safe for me to eat, and tastes good too. Win. Win. Win.

With the help of some friends, a fantastic new pressure cooker, and a few great cook books and blogs, I am opening some amazing culinary doors.

Tonight I made a ME version of Kheema with Spring Greens. I made Kheema with Spinach. I substituted the dairy yogurt with Sheep's Milk Yogurt,I used half ground turkey thighs and half ground lamb for the beef and I used garlic paste and ginger paste instead of the minced garlic and ginger. I also used jaggery instead of brown sugar and a healthy handful of chives, as I did not have green garlic or scallions.

Having just eaten a small bowl - up yeah, that is some pretty fantastic food!

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