Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help Wanted

Help Wanted: Congressional Reps and Senators

Reasonably well spoken, energetic self starter, with an eye for details, fantastic reading comprehension skills, and unsurpassed active listening skills. Must be able to manage a staff and an active calendar of events, understand modern communication methods such as Twitter, SmartPhones and email.

Desirable personality traits include: humble nature, ability to put others and their well-being ahead of personal gain. Must be dedicated to working on behalf of others and still maintain the ability to say "No" when it is warranted. 

Having read the Constitution of the United States of America is a requirement. Understanding what is and is not covered by said document extremely important.

The ideal candidate must refrain from involving him or herself in the private lives of others. All personal opinions of a moral, religious, or cultural nature must be kept to one's self at all times.

Extensive experience in accounting, money management and fiscal responsibility a bonus. Having taken classes or seminars or having on the job proven negotiation skills will be judged most favorably. An understanding of the concepts of "Prudent Man" and "Fiduciary Duty" also required.

Educational requirements vary and personal skills will be weighted equally to educational achievements.

Vacancies to be filled in early November - the applicant pool thus far, substandard. 

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