Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Necklaces with scarf like qualities...

L wanted a necklace with scarf like qualities. My BFF also really liked mine, so about 10 days ago, I made two more, experimenting with different fabrics and styles.

I found a too small long sleeve pink t-shirt in L's closet. It was thicker weight than the undershirts I dyed and used in my necklace and my BFF's necklace.

This thicker weight material, just did not "roll" as much when stretched tight and in many cases the seam snapped, but it worked. I added in beads for fun and did not double it over, as the shirt was small and this fit L just right.

For my BFF, I again used one of H's too small, never worn undershirts. I had some tie dye left over and so I loosely wrapped the t-shirt and dyed it.

Then I cut it up and added beads also. In this case, I did double it over just as I did mine to give it that scarf-like quality.

My BFF has been wearing it and it looks great on her. You really do not have a tie dye feel at all, just some nice color variation.

I think this would make a nice older tween sleep over party activity. I made these while watching TV, it is fun and easy and the results are fresh and fun.

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