Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday: Spoonman, the case of the missing spoons...

This has to be where all my spoons have gone...

Soundgarden - Spoonman

I always seem to be short on spoons. Even though the set of everyday flatware has both tablespoons and teaspoons. I am always chasing spoons. Even more frustrating, I have back up spoons, from the various random spoons I have accumulated over the years. My parents old flatware, random pieces from H's bachelor days, spoons left by friends after potlucks and unclaimed, spoons brought home on accident from the crash pad in NYC, spoons from the college dinning hall, and other random spoons. The long and short of it is, I also have a set of silver, which had dozens of spoons. My MIL was a huge fan of spoons it would appear and bought a set of silverware with ample spoons. I never use the silver. It is tucked safely aware for special occasions.

I am seriously short on serving spoons. I just broke a cooking spoon the other day, I am short on those as well. Let's face it in a house where Indian is prepared often, sometimes those spoons are multi colored too. One would think they would stick out, if they were, I do not know, stolen or misappropriated.

I went to raid my stash of plasticware yesterday, those odd left overs from take out and picnics and school events, where I am inevitably assigned to bring plasticware. I have knives and forks to feed a gaggle, but in the mess there is nary a spoon.
I do have a plastic spoon in my purse. In a pouch with tissues, lip gloss and other important items. I keep this for on the go snacks. Thus far I have managed to keep track of it and not lose it or break it. This spoon has saved the day more than once. It is like my super secret spoon weapon, which isn't so much a secret anymore.

I will admit, I got rid of all the baby/toddler spoons awhile a go. My baby turned 6 last week, so we really haven't needed those type of spoons for a long time now.

What I am not at all short on are measuring spoons.

I have three full sets and then a few random measuring spoons, left behind by old college roommates and given to me when my mother moved or saved when my MIL passed away. I could bake all day and not have to wash a measuring spoon. One of these sets, might actually be my grandmothers, come to think about it.

When we remodeled the kitchen, we invested in this type of dishwasher. (Ours is not this modern and angular looking, but same idea.)
 (photo from Fisher Paykel)

So I could wash smaller loads. With H traveling so often, it is often just me for most of the day or me and two smaller people and we were often running the traditional dishwasher half full, mainly because we were short on spoons or sippy cups. This gives us options and I chase spoons less, but still I seem to be spoon poor and fork rich.

So for E's family birthday gathering I was chasing spoons and yesterday at our Easter egg coloring brunch, I was also searching high and low for spoons.

All I can say is it had to be the spoon man's fault. Where else could all of these spoons have gone? It's not like they could have hopped away...

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