Monday, April 11, 2011

There is a hole in my sweater...

I love this J Jill cashmere sweater. I will admit, I paid full price, a rare occurrence.

I loved it and I bought it a few years back. I am careful with my woolens and store them together, with cedar and all that. The other sweaters were just fine, this one got nibbled, right in the middle. I spent the winter pondering what to do. I almost turned this sweater into a hat, but then I decided, there had to be another solution.
There were three holes, in places I just couldn't patch, right in the center front of the sweater.

Then one day, while wandering JoAnn's, I saw these pre-made embellishments. They are less than two dollars each.

The embellished t-shirt is all the rage this season, as is the tunic with the "folkloric" print. I decided this was a solution to my moth hole problem. I am not sure these will survive a dry cleaning, but then I am pretty sure it will survive a round or two o Dryel, so I was willing to go for it, the sweater was pretty much ruined with the moth holes, what did I really have to loose, other than a few hours of my time.

This is a hand sewing project and you must match your thread carefully. Other than that, no special skills required.

I centered the flowers over the holes and then stitched the outer edges, very carefully. My one caution is, hold the sweater taunt, otherwise it will pucker and you will not have smooth results.

My fashion photographers are currently at school, but I will try it on and see how I like the results, I have additional flowers, if I need to add some more for balance or not, remains to be seen.

This was a fix, which breathes some new life into a sweater that some moths decided would make a tasty snack.

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