Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Organized

I got a great organizer from Thirty-One Gifts for Christmas. I have been considering how best to get a bit more organized in the new year. I feel like I am drowning in the kids papers. It is a full time job, just keeping their schedules organized and sorting and storing their important papers, never mind keeping coupons and grocery lists organized.

I have a kitchen desk area, but it just keeps getting cluttered. I know what the experts say - go vertical, but there isn't much space.

This is where the door to the basement came in. Door to basement, meet the Thirty-One Gifts wall organizer. Perfect really, but how to get them together without wrecking the hallow wood door?

At first I thought, over the door hooks. Which frankly would have been an amazing solutions, had I been able to find any plain, over the door hooks. Sadly three stores later, all I had were an amazing array of "decor" hooks. Not helpful.

I am the first to say, do not believe everything (anything) you see on TV. I simply do not believe that you can clean your grout - your entire shower and the neighbor's shower with a container of grout goat, when the container is 4 oz and turns white grout purple... Sorry, I think there is something fishy. I am also not sure about hooks for hanging things, heavy things, that adhere to the wall.

However, I was out of options and decided to gamble on the 3M Command strips and hooks. Honestly the two pack was less than $5. I decided it was worth a try. The organizer isn't that heavy and if by chance the paint on the door is impacted, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Step 1 Prep the Door. According to the package, you should clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.

 While I was waiting I opened the package and assembled the hooks and applied the adhesive pads/stickers.

Then you stick it to the surface, hold it there and remove the hook and allow the the adhesive to bond for 1 hour. I timed this with the kitchen timer.

Then I reattached the hooks to the adhesive mounts and hung the organizer. It really was that easy and a full 24 hours later, I am happy to say, the organizer and the hooks are holding firm.

 What I really like and what I doubt I could have achieved with over the door the hooks, is the organizer hangs flush with the door. This is very nice.

I still don't think I would hang pictures or anything heavy or weight bearing with these hooks, but so far, they are working out perfectly. So maybe I can believe some of what I see on television after all.


Karen said...

Love it!

Susan said...

Me too - now to retrain myself to use it :) Oh, and reorg the junk drawer...