Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silent all these...Stop SOPA & PIPA

I am going silent - to join in the January 18th BLACK OUT... there was no easy way to black out my blog on the blogger platform - so I am posting these guys to remind everyone that the 1st Amendment  protects our right to speak up, speak out, to read, to seek out, and to listen to what we deem appropriate.

Piracy of copy written material is horrible, it hurts artists and authors and those who work to bring those works into the market place - but these proposed laws - they hurt us more.

I will not be online tomorrow. I am going silent, in protest of this pending legislation, written by people who obviously have no clue how the Internet works and who are so beholden to special interests they will throw together a bill that basically shreds the 1st Amendment.

As a writer, I own my work - until I sell it.
As an American - it is my right to read, speak and write my conscious - until Congress takes that away.

We must all be silent tomorrow - to prove our point - the information superhighway must come to a grinding halt.

To learn more  -- visit Stop American Censorship. Let your voice be heard - the silence is deafening.

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