Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking Back...

Two days ago, I revamped my blog a bit. I believe this is the third time I have changed it around, updated the lay out, changed the colors. (The third time I have made a major tweak.) I like it.

As part of this process, I reread some of my early entries. I started this blog in December 2006. This was my first post; I am the queen of creative titles let me tell you. It was shocking to see myself talking about my 4 year old. (Yikes she is now 9.) Also I was cleaning away clutter back then. (I am still struggling with clutter, today.)

In 2006 my MIL had recently passed away, in 2011 my mother passed away. My MIL never read my blog, my mother read it often. During December 2006, H and I were cleaning out his mother's house and preparing it for sale. In December 2011, H and I (and my brother) have been cleaning out my mother's house, preparing it for my brother to move in.

I only wrote a few entries in 2006, but in 2007 I wrote alot. I wrote about missing my MIL,  about my miscarriage in 2004, the kiddos and I adventure to Germany for Easter, how JFK actually stands for Just Freakin' Klueless, I wrote about sex (more than once), I wrote some book reviews like this one, I came down hard on the barbaric practice of FGM, I blogged about my first rejection, I talk about my mother's rediagnosis with thyroid cancer, I blogged about my food issues, it occurred to me I might be too old to read Cosmo, I come to terms that my "baby" is becoming a "little dude", and I mention Iceland on my blog.

That was all in the first year of blogging. It was great fun wandering around the archives of my blog. I have been writing for a long time. Honestly, in 2010, I almost gave up the blog all together, but last year, with the help of the photo contests, I keep it alive, even though I was very busy, stretched very thin and emotionally exhausted the latter part of 2011.

I am committed to another year of blogging in 2012. I do enjoy it, even if not that many people are reading my posts. I still haven't decided if I am going post regular features or go with the flow. For now we wait and see.


Karen said...

I love the glimpses into my BFF. I'm glad you write. Love you.

Susan said...


I think I knew I had been at this for awhile, but reading that my little girl was 4 was shocking. How time flies.