Thursday, March 22, 2012

Umba Box: My Review, Month 2

Last month, I blogged about Umba Box and indicated I would commit to at least three months with them. This month, I got in the mail a surprise collection of body products, all homemade and very generously sized.

Rinse Bath & Body are homemade body products, which based on this box, stack up with their chemical laden cousins. I have had the box for about 10 days, but did not have time to really focus on the contents until the other night.

The cute bath Truffle I am saving for this weekend but it smells divine as I sniffed it and I am dying to give it a try. We are huge fans of LUSH bath bomb in this house and I am excited to see how it stacks up. Price wise they are equivalent and the plus, they are wrapped like Hersey kisses, making them easy to store.

I have been loving the skin stick. Basically a giant sized chap stick made of shea butter and beeswax - with some essential oils. Fantastic. I have been using it on my lips, hands and elbows. I love that it moisturizes and isn't at all greasy. I also love that it isn't basically scent neutral. I am a light on the fragrance girl.

The item I was most skeptical about was the Cafe Mocha facial mask scrub. It smells like burnt coffee. I used water to form the paste, but next time I am going to try yogurt or maybe even soy milk. I made the paste, slowly adding small splashes of water and then put it on my face. I let it dry, for at least 10 minutes. It was good and dry by the time I got in the shower.

While I was not thrilled with the Starbucks like smell which at that point permeated my bathroom, I am sold on the results. My skin was noticeably smoother and brighter. In short it worked - it is salt free and no harsh chemicals. It is also not oatmeal based. I worry about oatmeal based skin products.

In generally, while I am very careful about what I eat, I am not as picky about my skin products and their level of gluten freeness. I probably should be. I am careful to avoid things at LUSH or other places which contain beer or oatmeal.

Rinse uses all natural components and they also have some vegan products.

The story card enclosed was very informative and again this is a woman owned and operated business. Heather started making soap as a hobby in 2002 and then expanding. According to the card Rinse products are available at over 200 boutiques nationwide and online.

I love this, a small woman owned business, making quality body care products.

I also love that I can pronounce all the ingredients, pronounce them and actually could probably buy most of them at Whole Foods. I like the back to nature skin care approach. More to the point, I think my skin responses well to gentle cleaning...

While when I initially opened the box, I wasn't completely sold on the idea of a coffee mask and a giant chap stick, after I tried them out, I am really enjoying the products. In terms of making a purchase, I am more likely to buy the skin stick. It is something I have never really tried before, but really like and the stick makes it the perfect way for me to take my lotion along in my purse or gym bag or writing desk for that matter.

So I wonder what Umba Box will have in store for me next month?

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