Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Little Diva

Today is L's 10th birthday. She is a decade old. I will never forget the Tuesday she came into our lives. She came into this world on her terms... the only way she knows how to do anything-- her way. I was overdue, it had been a long hot summer. My water broke at 5 am and naturally I cleaned up the mess, made myself breakfast, changed clothes, rechecked my hospital bag for the 50th time and then, when it was really later than it should it have been, we went to hospital.

 So much has happened in the last decade. We moved to the house we are in now, shortly after she was born. Her Omi died in 2006, when she was 4. My mother died, her Grammie died in 2011, when she was 9. My Dad and stepmother divorced a few years ago, as have some of good family friends.

She has experienced the big D's-- divorce and death in her first decade. She takes it in stride.

 My baby is fierce. She is tenacious. She takes on a challenge and beats the hell out of it. She has struggled with reading--> but no one tried harder to get better and read more challenging books than L. She reads to whoever will listen, the rabbit, the cat, the gerbils, the wall, me.

My baby has passion.

She wasn't always the most graceful girl or the most talented in her dance classes and gymnastic classes, but I will tell you what, she sometimes was the one working the hardest. She is an amazing dancer and she has achieved her goal, to be in the gym class she is today. It has meant extra practice, private lessons, home work and determination. All of that said-- she is there, per-placement gym and exhibition before middle school.

 Lately her passion is cupcakes and Cupcake Wars. Seriously, she is a tome of cupcake trivia.

L has wrought great change in my life. When I had her I was at a crossroads, a professional one, a personal one and an emotional one. I think had I not let H talk me into having a baby, I would not be where I am today... L has always inspired me, challenged me and shown me that being the best of who you are born be depends directly on your willingness to live the life you were born to live. So as I tell her every night, you know I love you and no one loves you more.

Happy 10th Birthday L... You light up my life and there is NOTHING you can't conquer. You have already proven that...

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