Thursday, August 2, 2012

A week later...

So it is a week later, a week since I went to the periodontist and let her turn my gums into something that looks like Frankenstein's monster.

Did you miss that post?

I am happy to report that I well on the way to feeling and looking better. The lower front looks way better, the roof of my mouth is less tender and the lower right molar is looking better, I am still not sure but today it looks way better and the swelling is way down.

I will admit, this was tough. It was tough, toughing out the pain over the weekend with just prescription strength Motrin. I couldn't take the other pain meds, as they make me loopy, and I had two kids to take care of.

I grossly underestimated how very painful this was going to be and just how long it would have me down.

I am still eating soft foods. Yesterday I ate solid soft foods, so some dal, some saag, and some fantastic stuffed peppers. (mind you I stuffed them goat cheese-- so no chewing.)

Until yesterday I was pretty sure I would never chew again.

I see the doctor next Tuesday morning.

I really hope this worked, because honestly, I don't think I could go through this again.


Karen said...

((hugs)) I'm so glad it's getting better. I'll ply you with wine Saturday night so it can keep improving. :-)

Susan said...

Well-- I supposed to not drink for 2 weeks. Maybe a sip or two won't hurt-- but otherwise it is ice tea for me.