Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Shopping -- Something Different

Sometimes buying local and shipping isn't exactly the easiest or you are shopping for someone and struggling to find, just the thing. I am not one of those people, who think online shopping is evil, far from it. I do try to cultivate my own list of go-to online haunts.

I also like the idea of giving a gift that lasts or continues well past the birthday or the holiday and frankly-- who wants weird fruits every month? So this list might be just what you need to give a gift that continues past the holiday and does not contain any under ripe pears.

Today I will share a few with you!


I LOVE BIRCHBOX. I became aware of this wonderful service via Twitter. I was skeptical. I am *not* a makeup person. I loathe shopping for make up and lotions and potions. The reality was I needed to be shopping for them and wasn't. Boom-- Birchbox was the answer. You sign up, answer questions about your hair, nails, make up and style and then monthly they mail you a cute box, with 4-5 samples of make up, perfume, lotion and skin care items. Very nice. It is a great little pampering party in a box.  Have I loved everything? No. Have I found some amazing products that I never would have discovered on my own, you betcha. Totally worth the $10 or so a month in my opinion. You can give a gift subscription and then not only will the special someone get great stuff in the mail, they will remember who was so thoughtful to send them something so cool every month too!

I will also say this. Birchbox offers amazing customer service. They are responsive, via email and Twitter. They are kind and gracious and they want you to be happy.

You can also earn points for reviewing the products each month and every 100 points is equal to $10 in store credit. Pretty cool.

Umba Box

I discovered Umba Box by accident while checking Facebook on H's computer (why he does not have Ad Blocker Plus is beyond me.) Umba Box is a selection of curated Etsy type items. I started subscribing thinking I would only try it for a few months. Well, I have stuck by them. I have gotten an eclectic mix of items over the last few months. All very good quality, creative and different. While I am not a HUGE fan of the screen printed tea towels, I have loved the hand made cosmetics and lovely stationary. I have given a few of my Umba Box items as gifts and the recipients have loved them.

Umba Box's website is not without its own issues, but it has improved steadily and their customer service is AMAZING! I have called them and recently chatted (via on site IM) with them and they are a classy operation also.

I think this box is great for people who enjoy supporting artists and crafts people. I plan to keep subscribing.


Again, a wonderful Twitter referral. I love the FAB app. I am less in love with their website. I love their product mix. I love that they do no spam my Inbox. I love that they appreciate their customers (hello, little $25 gift card just because and cute little poster that came in the mail.) Shipping time has improved steadily and they have a new free shipping option, which is fantastic!

Everything I have ordered from FAB, has been, well FAB!

FAB is a great place to shop for that something different or interesting.

Brooklyn Industries

"Wow, that blouse is too cute."

"I love that purse."

"That jacket is really cool."

Yep, this is what happens when I am wearing something I have acquired from Brooklyn Industries. I have to credit SS and JC for turning me onto Brooklyn Industries a few years ago. There has been no going back. A decent number of items in my closet come from Brooklyn Industries and I don't live in NYC.

I will say, one has to be objective and honest about their body shape. Know what styles flatter and follow the size chart. The return policy is fair, but read and understand it before you shop. Shipping seems reasonable.

Purses and tote bags ALWAYS fit!

I hesitate to give away one of my favorite boutiques, BUT it really is an awesome little shop. Also, their sales cannot be beat! If you really love something, order it, but watching something sometimes pays off.

Fair warning-- some of the merchants mentioned will give me credit if you click the link and sign up. No, I am not going to tell you which ones. I will thank you for the credit, but that is NOT the point of this post. I am just sharing some of the places I love to shop online. I have been fair and objective in my description and their shortcomings. If I get credit, and it because you wanted to give something a try, on m recommendation, thank you in advance.

Happy Shopping!

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