Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Novemeber photo contest: #capturingLife Wk1

This month, I am participating in Allie's #capturingLife photo contest.

The goal is to take a photo that, well captures life. It is a totally open ended, unjudged personal challenge.

I shot this at the park, on election day. It was an awesome day. Perfect weather and great day to be home and enjoying the kids and H.

Go check out all the wonderful entries. Also, jump in. The ins and outs are up on her blog

As for my entry, I thought the bright green grass, popping out of a pile of dead leaves and brilliant orange leaves was very symbolic of the life cycle. We are dying from the minute we take our first breath... and on and on it goes.


Karen said...

I love this, and I want to join in!

Susan said...

You should totally join in. You have until Sunday to shoot a picture and upload it at Allie's blog!