Thursday, December 28, 2006


I have decided to join the Thursday 13 List.

Things I learned in 2006

  1. I really like staying home with my little ones. Play is fun and running a house and two little people's daily lives is a full-time job, plus some.
  2. That I really missed reading books. For Lent I shut off the TV and started reading and sewing again. Funny thing was - when Lent was over - the TV has basically stayed off.
  3. You can learn as much from your kids as you have to teach them.
  4. Being organized and staying that way is a daily battle in discipline. Sadly I am not always on top of it like I want to be. Life is smoother when you have everything neatly in its place.
  5. I really like working out and need to make more time for it.
  6. I cannot eat dairy (this I knew) but I have added wheat and corn to the list recently. This has made cooking challenging, but I am embracing this change.
  7. That really bad situations can and do really bring out the best in some people and the worst in others.
  8. Children value honesty in a way that somehow adults lose touch with or forget.
  9. Being on the edge does not always mean being out of control.
  10. Pens are not lost, merely relocated until further notice. (This applies to a whole host of other basic household items, lovies, library books, shoes, and car keys too!)
  11. I really could give McIver a run for his money with all the stuff I have in my purse/diaper bag.
  12. I need down time. Really I do! Furthermore, taking it is not something to feel guilty about.
  13. Just because you do not talk on the phone or email as often as you did pre kids, does not mean the friendships are not valuable or that you cannot still be there for each other when it really does count.

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