Friday, December 8, 2006

Top Ten for Friday - Favorite Things

Ok, well I skipped Wed. post - but I have good reasons, which I will outline on Monday's post. But today is a top ten list and I am going to be a bit like Martha and share my favorite things - maybe good things and maybe not.

1. Long chats on the phone with really good friends.
2. Cooking or baking or both
3. Long chats in person with good friends, lovers, husbands, ect.
4. A really good dinner party. Not just the food, the conversation has to be groovy too.
5. Having your hair washed with the perfect tempature of water. MMMM.
6. Working puzzles with my daughter. She is super at puzzles.
7. Listening to really good music. Either a concert, on the radio, or where ever. I am not sure what makes it good, but when it is... it is.
8. Working out - especially YOGA. I did not always feel this way, but I have to say now working out is something I look forward to.
9.The beach. I love the beach. I do not like swimming in the ocean per se, but I really like the beach.
10. Making Love. Really connecting. Connecting is important.

I could go on, but this is a quick list of things that popped to mind. I totally picked the topice just as I set down. Next time maybe I will put more thought/research in it.

Have a good weekend and try not to get to wrapped up in the hectic nature of the season. Stop and smell the evergreens. It is calming.

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