Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A bicycle made for three....

L is too heavy for me to pull in the Burley - with E. It is well over 100 pounds now and I just cannot manage it. Furthermore they cannot handle being stuffed into the trailer together. It is nothing short of a riot.

So we bought a bike that attaches to mine for L to ride. It fits under the seat and has one wheel and handle bars. We are hoping this will make it more fun for all of us and help her prefect her balance so that eventually she can ride her own 2 wheeler. She is very much struggling with this.

Now - in theory this approach would take 2 adults - one to pull E and one to pull L. But in my world I am solo most of the time. So I asked H to try linking the Burley trailer to L's new trailer bike.

So we did and it totally works. I rode with them to the park today. We look like a mini bike train - but it is wonderful. I have my doubts about any really big hills - but it works and everyone gets to enjoy the ride.

All in all - I think E has the best deal - but now we can at least all cruise around in style.


Anonymous said...

i think you need to put a photo up. blur the faces, but yes, i have to see this.

Susan said...

I will take a picture. The LPs and I rode to the story yesterday and it was awesome. L pedaling is a huge help and while we turned heads - I do not care. It was good for the earth and good for us that we rode our bike!