Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Zen of Green Mud

Last night I communed with the green mud (henna - I colored my hair for the 2nd time with Henna.) So as I worked on the hair project last night I was very aware of the following:

1. While you cut it up like you would a big block of dark yummy chocolate - Henna smells nothing like chocolate and the decidedly green tint to stopped me from tasting it.

2. I have ALOT of hair. A TON actually. I divided it my hair into sections, so that I could apply the henna and while I have always known I have alot of hair - it is on my head - I was shocked at how long this dividing and sectioning process took. It felt like the hair was growing as I worked. For those you wondering - when H does not keep his hair super short - he has lovely thick hair also - so yes ergo - both L and E have tons of hair also. Mine is coarse and wavy to naturally curly and his is poker straight - the kiddos got his straight hair - L with a finer texture and E has my coarse texture. I could be a stand in for Rupenzal except that my hair at a certain point does not get longer - just wider and fuller and well It is just bad! Again - I have hair for me and several small children. In college my roommate's boyfriend (a total wet blanket) was complaining about my hair shedding everywhere and I looked at him and asked, "Hey what is the difference in me loosing hair and when you lose hair?" LOL - Mine grows back!" For some reason he was not laughing!

2a. Clothes pins actually are great for holding the sections. My little butterfly clips the first round were not such a good choice. Clothes pins - those versatile little guys - they did a nice job! (Well except for the one that got tangle in the big mass of hair. That kinda hurt!)

3. The paint brush is nice for along the hair line and for really coating the visible grays which make me crazy. Otherwise, my fingers (covered in latex gloves) work better for the rest of the process. Might not be the traditional approach, but it works.

4. If the children decided to coat their heads in mud (the regular kind) I would more than likely be very upset with them - unless it was bath night - but really I might not handle that with as much grace as I would like to think I would.

5. We associate Henna and Hash with Middle Eastern Culture - both of which are good herbal substances. Why then are we in the West so sure that OUR WAY IS ALWAYS THE BEST WAY. Seems to me - some of the ancient stuff really does work - so why the rush to embrace all things new fangled?

6. It really is hard to rinse a the semi dried crumbs of green mud out of this much hair alone. It took awhile but I got rid of the grit!

7. Once again - the organic hair treat worked like a charm. My hair is a beautiful natural shade and I smell all herbal and earthy!

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IHateToast said...

see, i lose patience with the back of my hair. i should try self dyeing again, but man. i just end up with patches at the back.

however, mud sounds inviting.