Monday, September 8, 2008

Itchy, Itchy

Last night I was itchy. My arms and legs. Usually when I am itchy I assume I have eaten something I should not. Just a little bit of something. I waited for the hives. Thankfully they did not come.

As I switched off the light last night, I tried to decide what it was I could have eaten. In all honesty - I have eaten very little over the weekend. I have been running around all weekend and I have basically eaten what I could carry with me, which frankly is not alot.

I have vigilantly abstained from birthday cake, pizza, BEER, cream puffs, crackers and pretzels and popcorn. Oh wait - no ice cream either. I have munched on veggies, fruits, ME friendly bars and boiled eggs. Salad, Salad and more Salad.

This morning as I got dressed and slathered on the lotion it hit me. Bug bites. I spent Saturday evening outside having a wonderful time with some friends and some very wonderful new to me people! It was wonderful - it was excited and IT WAS OUTSIDE. My itching - not food related at all... BUG related....

Whew..... I will take Bug bites over any more menu deletions any day of the week!

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