Monday, September 8, 2008

Safety first, Gratuitous last...

I sent this email this morning to the principal, superintendent and the school board president.


Mr. S. -

As I walked L to school today, I noticed that once again there was no crossing guard at the D and D Rd crosswalk. I was under the impression that YOU had made it a point to see that we would have a crossing guard.

That intersection is simply too dangerous and too close to a VERY VERY busy road to not have a crossing guard.

I walk L to school - but many many kiddos go it solo and it is not safe. In my humble opinion the guard is more important at the D/D Road cross walk than at the one that crosses children at edge of the employee parking lot.

I have already made the board aware of my displeasure at their enthusiasm to offer the superintendent UNNEEDED and completely undeserved additional HOUSING ALLOWANCES and in the same breath cry that there are not enough funds to protect my child as she walks to school. It is about priorities and I can think of nothing more important than my baby's safety. I shall be voting no on the levy unless the superintendent gives back his Housing Allowance with is gratuitous at best and until I see the district's focus back where it should be - ON THE SAFETY OF MY BABY AND HER FRIENDS.

There is no compelling reason that there is not a crossing guard at that intersection, while the superintendent gets additional and unearned pay. None! Not in a down economy and not with a multi - million bond and levy on the table. Not even in the dream world the board must be living in.

Thank you for your time and attention. I think you are doing a great job and I hope to see a guard there very soon. You are right to keep the cars out of the circle - it is a safety issue JUST as having a guard at the dangerous intersection is a safety issue. It is all about SAFETY FIRST.

All the Best (for the Kids!)

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