Friday, September 12, 2008

Rash by Salad?

I am pleased to say that with the help of a serious amount of anti-itch cream, not so gentle scoldings by those who love me dearly, some bribing by others who love me dearly and some sheer will and determination (and well time) I stopped scratching and am almost itch free. The rash has faded greatly and I feel better. I was scratching like mad - hence those who love me - sought to help me cope/stop lest I make it worse or tear my skin off.

This is the worse case I have had in over 2 years. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am super careful with what I eat. If I am in doubt I pass. I seldom eat out and only at places that I trust to be ok. I am picky and always ask questions and well try to walk the line.

I used to be a foodie. I loved cheese, fresh baked bread. baked goods. I once took a cab in NYC on a rather long lay over to buy a dozen bagels, took them on the next leg of my flight and then home - because I love them so much. H and I loved eating out and were always trying new places. Recently I have been inspired to step out and try some new things - once they have been vetted.

All that is in the past. Now I eat because I have to. I still enjoy some foods and I will admit to embracing and ferreting out the best Gluten Free, corn free and dairy free choices. Lite on soy to boot. After this weeks' adventure, I am still lukewarm on food. I have eaten very little this week, after Wednesday - because it is just hard to imagine doing so - not knowing what caused such a painful and irititating reaction. I would rather just not eat. (Which is not the answer....) I also am back to square one on food complexity. Not so interested in multi ingredient foods or dishes. Plain and not overly combined appeal to me at the moment.

I have also decided that I think I know what could have done it. I ate a salad from Donoto's which had crasins and walnuts on it. I imagine that one or both of those items had been treated with corn syrup and well - I would have to say that dairy gives me violent stomach upset and corn products - well they are what cases my most violent rashes. I can only blame myself. I have not eaten at Donoto's in a long time nor have I vetted their offerings and when my mother suggest that for dinner, her computer was dismantled and I had no way to quickly do my online research as she had already had the cable turned off for the pending move.

In essences I poisoned myself by taking for granted that the salad would be ok. Ugh! It was a painful lesson to learn. Nothing is ok - unless I or someone I really really trust has prepared it. Nothing....

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