Thursday, March 19, 2009


Something I am seeking and not finding in abundance of late. School is wearing on me. I am tired. My brain is tired. The freelance work is not what I would like and I have decided to put a hold on it for a bit. I really want to focus on creative works and my poetry.

The way I see it - I have 18 months or so, before I am done with my MBA and able to realistically think about full-time employment again - either contract work or being a company gal again, so I ought to use my time to finish school, enjoy the little people and write my great American novel.

While I might look to intern or something in an area that interests me, I am done chasing my tail and making no money. I can make no money- while writing my novel and that feeds my soul - the former just bleeds off brain cells and makes me cranky.

Not to mention L is having her tonsils removed this summer and between that and her handful of camps - it is unlikely I can tackle any projects of substance anyway...

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