Saturday, March 28, 2009

Like being 16 again...

I will come out and say it - I have read and I loved every single book in the Twilight series. My collage age baby sitter started the madness and I have to say I am glad she did.

I think the books are compelling - well written and frankly exactly what I read when I was 16. They held my attention and have sparked something in my imagination. The story is sweet and very much the stuff of young girls fantasies.

I think that they stories are compelling because they are so grounded in fantasy - but at its core there is a message - there are little tidbits of wisdom. But they are like tea sandwiches and not the huge mega sub sized message most adults think teenagers need.

In a time of half naked women on MTV and sex in the high school bathrooms - I think these stories are refreshingly old fashioned - while not down playing the laws of human interaction, attraction and desire.

They are worth the read and they are at the end of the day fantasy and sometimes that is exactly what a good book should be - entertainment.

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