Saturday, March 7, 2009

I can compute...

I will be the first to admit, I know enough about the internet to surf and WE all know I have managed to keep the Edge looking pretty darn spiffy. Yep me and google/blogger are tight!

But may I just say... I just configured my Outlook - all by myself - with no one holding my hand and no one directly coaching me. Me and the Help tab did it all alone. And I did a bit of trouble shooting - Go Me! And I am pleased to say... it works... (Now my web guy did give me fairly clear instructions - but still, I was one plugging it in and making it work...)

I have switched web hosts - and no I have no idea what that really means - I guess it means I used to be sitting in booth A (well not me - my page in cyberspace... and now I am sitting in Booth C!

So - in the space of a few days - I have stretched a bit of my Web presence muscle and I am learning things! Not that I will remember it for the next time, but hey I am patting myself on the back all the same!

Maybe I will seriously look into that HTML class of FLASH or whatever. I could be a cool cyberpunk chick in no time flat.

I used to have no idea what to do and now I am learning to be my own helpdesk. It is all about doing more with less these days!

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