Thursday, March 12, 2009

Penthouse or Jailhouse...

I am on hand pleased that it seems Bernie Madhoff is going to cop to what he did - he appears ready to take responsibility for his greed and unethical behavior and plea guilty to lying and cheating and stealing.

Good show! Finally one of the Wall Street dogs is ponying up and admitting to be a dirty rotten scoundrel. Finally!

While I will not say he has found his honor - I will say finally someone is willing to admit to wrong doing and scheming and lying.

Even better - he will have to go to jail!

My issue today? Await sentencing in his penthouse - NO WAY! He should go directly to jail and NOT pass GO! His investors have had a dramatic reversal in fortune and I see no reason for Bernie to have the luxury of a penthouse. A cot in a multi man cell should be just the thing.

On day it is caviar and the next it is shit on a shingle...

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