Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can I bring my flowers...

The day before the grand camping adventure was our little Diva's big dance recital. She was in two scenes. As we walked into the auditorium L asks, "Will I get flowers like last time?" She remembered we had all given her flowers afterward. Yes I replied.

She paused a bit and asked, "Can I take them with me?"

I thought about it. Did we have room for a vase full of flowers?

"Sure." I replied, "Why not."

So we toured Michigan with a vase of flowers. First in the middle compartment of my car and then in the sink of the RV, while on the road and then on the shelf in the front of the RV, when we were stopped.

It was very homey having the flowers. Amazingly they looked none the worse for the wear. A testment to the true strength and beauty of roses but also my baby girl.

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