Saturday, August 15, 2009

Red not blue

I walk into E's reasonably tidy room and see a huge pile of underwear on the floor.

"E why is your underwear all over the floor?" He is not one to paw thru his clothes. He is content to let me dress him.

"I was looking for RED underwear!!!" He tells me, accenting the looking and red and making UNDERWEAR sound like a really long word. His face was so cute, a mix of emphasis and total exasperation with his slow on the uptake mother.


"Because I like red underwear the best and sometimes orange."

"You don't have any orange underwear." I tell him, as I organize the mess on the floor and put it away.

"Well we need to get some. More red and some orange at the store."

"What's wrong with blue?"

"Ah, I wear blue clothes over my red underwear." He explains as he walks off down the hallway, as if I am the most unfashionable woman on the planet. Shaking his head...

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