Friday, March 4, 2011

Death and Taxes

I know we all feel the Europeans pay alot of taxes, but have you ever stopped to think about how much TAX we American's pay? I bet it is almost about 50% of our annual salaries. Maybe more... I found this list online, I doubt it is comprehensive, but think about it...

Utility Taxes (those pesky add ons on your bills each month)
Capital Gains (if you own mutual funds or stocks outside a retirement plan you pay this annually)
BMV License & Registration (annaul and then every 5 yrs)
Cigarette & Alcohol (if you indulge aka the "sin" tax)
Dog License
Federal Income (taken from your paycheck)
Fishing License
Gasoline (42 cents per gallon in some places)
Hunting License
Inheritance (unless you are the spouse - inheriting money is expensive business)
Interest (yep you pay tax on what you earn in your savings account annually - in this economy you might pay all you earn towards the tax.)
Local Income (state and city tax, maybe even tax to the city you work and then again to the city you live in.)
Toll Bridge (or toll roads)
Tunnel (if you live in NYC for example)
Sales Tax (on just about everything now, in the State of Ohio - basically food is exempt - for now.)
Workers’ Compensation
Social Security and Medicare  (right out of your pay check)
Property Tax (if you own a home)

I bet if you took a look at your monthly budget, added up all the taxes and then annualized it, you would shocked and likely horrified at how much money you have stolen from you.

Understand, I am all for paying my fair share. I think the government should spend money on a common defense and the care and maintenance of roads, bridges and so forth. I am even in favor of some social programming. I understand the need to fund the schools.

What I am absolutely opposed to is all this waste and the biggest waste of all is the over inflated salaries these asses pay themselves. In Ohio this week - the legislature wasted your tax dollars on testifying fetuses and the airing of HATE speech. They accomplished nothing.

I want results.

My children squabble, I sit them on thinking chairs.

We need a real reality check. We are spending top dollar and getting the keystone cops.

Death of our system as we know it seems more and more likely. We need to get our priorities straight. Social issues have no place in the legislature - we have real business related issues to deal with, like a huge National debt and an economy that is in toilet.

I say the first move we make is to cut off all salaries to the members of congress and state legislatures. When you start putting in a real, productive days work, we will see about paying you for services rendered.

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